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No longer accepting Commissions.



I have made the decision to honor the list of Commissions that I have but I won't be accepting any new ones, sorry. I was spending such a lot of time on them that I rarely got the chance to work on my own drawings. So once the list is clear you should see some new work coming along!


Meet the very beautiful Freya. I loved doing this drawing as the most detailed drawing I've attempted yet. With a new 0.05 mm UniPin fineline pen. It's the first time I've swapped from Rotring to UniPin as Rotring don't make a pen this small and I'm really pleased with the extra detail I've been able to add. A little bit of colour was added with Derwent's Coloursoft pencils to make them really pop (great idea Zoe!). The owners of Freya were pleased with the outcome;


"We received Freya’s portrait and I cried because it’s so beautiful. You are incredibly talented and thank you so much for taking so much care with her. Your attention to detail is astonishing, and every time I look at the portrait, I see something new. We are extremely impressed. Thank you again, you've really given us something special of our gorgeous girl."


I had loads of fun drawing this image of Keith's two Conure Parrots for his wife Mo. The final image is A3 which took around 80 hours to produce and the larger size meant that I could include more detail. We also replaced the rope with a pretty branch. The whole artwork was framed in solid oak. I had a wonderful response from the recipient.....



"Good morning Paula
Wow what can I say, the Christmas present is fantastic, brilliant outstanding, the detail is magnificent, thank you very much for doing that for me, I love it. Thank you for all your time and effort you have spent on the picture. I am more than pleased in fact I’m a ecstatic about the finished product.
My granddaughter can even make out which one is which and that is all down to the minute detail that you have spent so long doing.
Hope you had a great Christmas and new year, once again thank you for the picture.
With all my thanks


No such thing as too many bunny drawings!


"Happy New Year Paula! I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
I just want to say a massive thank you for the beautiful drawing of Daisy May. It is just exquisite and it is a true reflection of Daisy. It makes me smile every time I look at it. We had a number of visitors over Christmas and everyone was amazed by the drawing.
 You are incredibly talented and I feel very privileged to have one of your drawings.  I also have to say how the way you packaged the drawing made me smile. I loved the little card and stickers to wrap the frame. Lovely touch.
Thank you again
Carly x"



Quite a few months ago (January now I look) I was contacted by the nicest guy and previous customer of mine to work on an unusual commission. As a child he had attended a school in London called Salusbury Primary School. The design brief was to recreate the original school badge that would have been embroidered onto the uniform from the 1940's, 50's & 60's in a Freehand Machine Embroidery. The only problem was we had very little to go on......The first image is it! This was an old stamp from inside a text book! Ian and I spent months recreating how the badge looked, with his memories and my interpretation of the shapes and colours; here is a visual storyboard of the process. 
Ian organised an event where 35 of his school mates visited the school to present them with the embroidery and I'm very glad to say that they were delighted with it! It will take pride of place in their school entrance. What an amazing event to have been involved with, thanks so much Ian for thinking of me, I thoroughly enjoyed it x

Alexandra and her sister commissioned a drawing of 'Crikey' the dog for her sisters' fiance. He is Australian and misses his dog terribly so this should keep him company.

Alexandra wrote;


"I received the picture last Friday and we gave it to my sister's fiance over the weekend - he was absolutley delighted with it, brought tears to his eyes! He said you captured the personality of Crikey to perfection! 

Thanks again, I am a huge fan of your work, you have an amazing gift!"


I also love to play with embroidery. Any of the animals that I have drawn can be embroidered as Free-motion machine embroidery. This is a technique where my sewing machine is used as a drawing tool and without the use of computerised programs I paint with thread. These pieces can be completely bespoke from the choice of fabrics to the threads that I use. For example, the Stitched Clever Little Owl below was prodused for a client who already had a collection of my work as an addition for her big birthday!


Completed Embroidery Commission

Steve & Fi's family Coat of Arms.


Marlene's beautiful Weimaraner 'Archie'


James's kitten 'Blue'.


Niki's beautiful dog 'Barley'.


A portrait for my friend of his dad, the late great Alan Bishop.


Pen & Ink drawing at 0.2mm nib

Sarah commissioned me to draw her lovely little Jack Russel.


Helen commissioned a portrait of her and Jed's beloved Mango the dalmatian. Hers and Jed's responses made my day!

"I've received the drawing, thank you soooo much. It is truly beautiful, I've shown it to a friend who knew Mango and she thinks my hubby will cry when he sees it because you've captured her so well. It is the most special gift ever."


Hannah commissioned her 'Three Big Girls Together' a portrait of her two past and one present Great Danes. 


My awesome sister Angela Farley at Colorworks Printers of Bath, used the Stag as part of a design for some of her wedding stationery.....beautiful! 

Claire supplied me with photographs of her beloved Barney & Bruno and we put them together in a large A3 print and frame.


I am also happy to alter any of my existing artwork to suit your needs. For example Laura wanted a personalised image of the Classic Fiat 500 print in the colour of her own car. She sent me a photograph of the car where I was able to colour match the paintwork and made the print just for her with the colour of her car in the background.


Sue liked the drawing of the Rose but wanted to personalise it with colour.


Rachel created a new design from my original Cupcake drawing. We called it 'If Warhol made cakes.....'


Zoe ordered number 70/100 of the 'United Colours of Fiat' for her Dad's 70th Birthday and personalised copies of the 'Classic Fiat 500' print to match each of his beautiful cars, Bella, Dino and RB! (look out for the Abarth logo's).


You may need to personalise your designs with colour and choices that work can be daunting. I've found this cute little online tool, just click the Coolors Logo to try the colour scheme generator. Follow the instructions and when you're happy with your choices just 'Export' at the top of the page and save as a PNG file. Attach this colour scheme to your email correspondence with me! Easy!



Quite often for commissions I require lots of high quality large images and sometimes email does not allow you to send more than 20MB of data. But no problem! Using the We Transfer system files are not transported just held at a secure server for 7 days for me to access. Click the link below to go to the We Transfer site. Just fill in the form and it will send me a link to your images.



Commissions Costs 2018
These are my basic prices for commission work this year. I have quoted the cost of a detailed pen & ink drawing based on size as this indicates the amount of time needed. The work includes the cost of mounting but not framing. If you require a frame please let me know as these are sold at wholesale prices.
Commissions costs 2018.docx
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