Plastic Free Champion


I have been awarded Plastic Free Champion by Surfers Against Sewage.


"Across the UK local small and medium size businesses of all types are rising to the challenge of removing avoidable, single-use plastic.

It isn’t about removing all plastic from our lives. It’s about kicking our addiction to avoidable, single-use plastic and changing the system that produces it. Wherever you are, whether its onshore or inland, high-tide or high-rise, city slicker or country lifer, you can join the fight against single-use plastic."

Fabric Collection

My extensive range of British Designer fabrics.


Something you may be interested in is a bespoke embroidery. The element of choice over fabric and thread colours is usually mine but if you wish I can make you a bespoke embroidery with all the choices made by you - for no extra cost.


Gold threads

When it comes to gold I can't resist! So I usually have a few to choose from for bespoke items and I even have 24 carat pure gold thread if you really want to make something special.

My tools 

I love the stark quality of monochrome when I'm drawing and for me Rotring pens really are the best. I use the 'Isograph' range which can be filled by hand so that you don't need to buy cartridges.


I use Janome machines for my Freehand Machine Embroidery. At home the heavy duty mechanical HD 2200 and on tour the 725s. The first photo shows my workspace and how much lighting I need! Compare the two, the photo above with all my lighting structures on and below with them turned off. If you are working on any sewing at all I really do suggest you use extra lighting. Here I'm using three extra sources but really I could do with more! This will help your eyes from becoming strained. Also think aout buying some reading glasses to magnify the area you're working on. Take regular breaks and do some long vision stretches. The second photo shows the Convertible free motion foot set from Janome, an absolute must if you do a lot of free motion work. Lastly I use specialist needles one for Embroidery and one for Metallics. Threads I use are bascially any in the colours I want! The only specialist ones are Gutermann Extra Fine threads for the wing details.

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