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I absolutely love animals and have a household ruled by them! Most are rescue pets and we are glad to give them a second chance.


The Little Bunny Studio was established in 2014. The name 'little bunny' comes from my pet house rabbit Leeloo. Leeloo came to us as a tiny bunny that just fit in your hand but pretty soon it was clear that she wasn't a normal rabbit! The vet said 'um she seems to be a Hare'. Great big long ears and legs was a dead give away and running around the garden the two cats Ceefer and Penny couldn't keep up with her! She is a Belgian Hare, Otter colour.

The bunny logo is taken from a portrait of Leeloo.


I gained a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fashion Textile Design from Plymouth University. I worked for some time as a designer for the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Catalunya's National Art Museum in Barcelona). A few years later I did my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which allowed me to teach.



My inspiration.....

This is a Japanese artist called Hiromi Miura. She studied Nihonga meaning 'Traditional Japanese Art' and specialises in 'Sumi', black & white ink work. These are some of my favourites, they are stunningly detailed.


I love to collect other artists work and especially tattoos. Two fantastic artisits I have had work done by are Tori Treasure and Jessi James.


Mi motos!


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